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Martha Stone

I am a business and economics writer with a degree in Business Administration. I have worked as a business analyst for four years. Besides engaging in my profession, I also enjoy writing and helping others achieve their academic goals.

My fields of interest include; statistical analysis, business management, business ethics, developmental economics, organizational behavior, marketing, and accounting. I joined Killer Papers 3 years ago, and since then, I have worked on case studies, dissertations, business plans, SWOT analysis, essays, and term papers.

I can handle any business project and work with strict timelines. You can count on quality and timely work from me, guaranteed.

Dr. Jason Hartman

I am a vibrant academic writer with a Doctorate in environmental sciences, specializing in botany. As a native English speaker, I have written, reviewed, and edited academic and scientific journals for ten years. Before shifting to full-time freelance writing at Killer Papers, I was a sustainability consultant with Ocean Conservancy.

I pay close attention to detail and possess the necessary academic writing styles. My areas of specialization include carbon tracing, energy and climate change, environmental and biological conservation, marine biology, zoology, water resource management, pollution prevention, environmental science, and soil ecology.

Riley Curry

Welcome to my profile. My name is Riley. I have a Master's degree in computer science and have worked as a software developer for Amazon for four years. I also love writing and have done it professionally for Killer papers for three years.

My specialty areas include computer graphics, data science, information security, and game design. Having delivered many projects successfully, such as reports, essay writing, literature reviews, thesis, and term papers to clients. I'm confident that I can handle any paper you may have.

I deliver flawlessly written work free of plagiarism and before the deadline. I look forward to working with you on your homework and assignments here at Killer Papers.

Anthony Jacobs (Ph.D.)

Hi, my name is Anthony Jacobs, a veteran writer who recently attained his Ph.D. in English Literature with over five years of writing experience with Killer Papers. While working with this fantastic company, I have worked on several tasks: assignments, personal statements, dissertations, thesis, research papers, essays, and editing.

I currently have at least 400 completed tasks. I am also conversant with all the writing styles and can deliver any work on time with minimal supervision. Whatever the writing task, you can count on me. I'd love to hear more about your task and write you a killer paper.

Stacey Thomson

Hello. If you're looking for a competent graduate writer to cater to your writing needs, allow me to offer my services. I hold a Master's degree in Public Health, specializing in the following fields:

  • Health and disease
  • Health planning
  • Population Dynamics
  • Life sciences biology

Before joining Killer Papers, I worked as an environmental health scientist for six years. I have also worked as a health educator and consultant at various institutions.

My writing skills include Research paper writing, health education, essay writing, biology assignments, editing and proofreading, and health papers. I joined Killer Papers because we share a passion for helping students do better in their studies. It would be an honor to work on your following biology paper.

Sheila Morant

Thank you for viewing my profile. I am a teacher with a postgraduate degree in education and a professional academic writer with extensive writing experience spanning eight years. Being a teacher, I'm versatile, and I can handle any task; detail is a must-have trait in my profession.

My work promises to be high-quality, with every point articulated well without spelling errors or plagiarized content. I have completed numerous research papers, reports, essays, dissertations, and research proposals during my time with Killer Papers.

I handle any paper handed to me with uttermost seriousness because my goal is to help students complete their school work. After all, who better than a teacher to handle your assignments?

Christopher Drummond

Christopher Drummond is your writer if you're looking for a communications expert to help you with your paper. I hold a communications Master's degree from Princeton University and have worked as a communications specialist for three years.

I am knowledgeable in all academic styles and can handle every task, both written and online class. My experience will be a game-changer you. I deliver well-done work with minimal supervision, and I follow every instruction given. You can count on me to work on your essays and assignments.


Percy Richards

My name is Percy, and I'm a passionate writer having 12 years of writing experience. Out of these, I have spent five working with Killer Papers. I hold a master's degree in literature and am conversant with all writing styles.

I can handle academic work, including business plans, essay writing, English homework and assignment writing, personal statements, dissertations, creative essay writing, annotated bibliographies, and reports.

My numerous years of experience working with Killer Papers have enabled me to grow my skills further and better understand what clients need. If you need any paper written excellently with well-researched, original content, then look no further. I'm at your service.

Andy Weisberg

Andy Weisberg is a spirited academic writer that believes in professionalism, diligence, and excellence. I am a tutor with a seven-year of work experience. I have successfully written research papers, assignments, word problems, physics calculations, and mathematical problems for six years at killer Papers.

I possess various writing techniques and can put down ideas and points into a properly structured essay. My areas of study include computer engineering, power systems, microelectronics, and communications and signal processing. I can handle any task within the engineering field and believe I can help your studies.

Jonathan Smith

Hi, my name is Jonathan, and I love writing. Before joining Killer Papers as a writer two years ago, I was a political scientist. I have been an academic freelance writer for four years. My specialty areas are political economy, methodology, theme fields, political behaviors and identities, and normative political theory.

I can deliver research papers, assignments, editing, business plans, literature reviews, and case studies. I can also write content articles, marketing blog posts, and articles featuring keywords. My work is flawless and can be delivered on time. Contact me for well-done work.

Terrance Mann Jr.

Hi, I am a researcher with a degree in chemical engineering. Before working with Killer papers, I worked for BASF for ten years. I have specialized in the following areas; food engineering, alternative energies, environmental engineering, materials synthesis, and biomedical chemical engineering.

I have put my knowledge in the field into helping college students and have completed 300 writing projects. Some of the projects I have handled are literature reviews, chemistry papers, assignments, research proposals, term papers, case studies, and dissertations.

I can help you in chemistry and am available whenever you need me. I promise to deliver excellent work before deadlines.

Tracy McCormick

Tracy is a spirited writer, researcher, and lecturer specializing in Business and Entrepreneurship. After attaining my Master's in Business Administration, I wanted to help more students achieve their academic goals. I joined Killer Papers a year ago because they share the same vision with this objective in mind.

My area of specialty involves the development and management of small business enterprises. I am well conversant with each writing format and can handle any task. Any project handed to me is done to the level any instructor would require.

Let us now work on your next project.

Fredrick Rodriguez

My name is Fred, and I am a qualified Data Scientist, analyst, and academic writer. I graduated with honors and started working with a private firm for five years before joining Killer Papers. I specialize in data visualization, operations data analysis, data engineering, business intelligence and strategy, and data mining.

As a writer, I have relevant experience working with many clients at Killer Papers. I am conversant with all writing formats and handle mathematics and statistic assignments, dissertations, and research proposals. I am a dedicated individual who believes that learning never stops and will put your academic needs first.

My work is unimpaired, original, and on time. Contact me for any help.

Quincy James

Hi, I am an experienced researcher and writer to help you with your schoolwork. I have a master's of science in biotechnology and have worked in the pharmaceutical space for six years. My specialty areas include Pathology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Psychology.

While working with Killer Papers, I have completed research papers, reports, research proposals, thesis/dissertations, and annotated bibliographies. I take clients' work personally and make sure that I achieve the client's goals. I promise to deliver original, well-researched, and formatted work. I will also deliver your work on time.

Allison P.

I am a graduate with a master's degree in natural sciences and an English and literature degree from Oxford University. I have been writing for four years with Killer Papers. I have handled over 100 papers, including term papers, research papers, homework assignments, dissertations, and book reviews.

My expertise involves biochemistry, geophysics, behavioral science, geology, and anthropology. I guarantee high-quality essays and papers with no plagiarism and are well structured. If you need well-done papers delivered on time, do not hesitate to communicate with me.


Isaiah Noah

Hi, my name is Noah, and I would like to thank you for viewing my page. I am a civil engineer and writer with a civil engineering degree from MIT. Before joining Killer Papers, I worked with the government for nine years.

I also had a passion for writing and mentoring students back in college. While with Killer Papers, I have successfully delivered physics and math assignments, research papers, term papers, and reports. I will offer academic help in irrigation engineering, transportation engineering, project management, and geotechnical engineering.

While working with clients, I make sure that I offer constant updates on the progress of their papers and deliver well-done work on time. Contact me for more clarifications or any task you have.

Michael J.

Are you looking for a competent writer with knowledge in the Law field? Look no further. My name is Mike, and I'm a lawyer and a writer with Killer Papers.

While still pursuing my law degree at the university, I started writing and have never stopped. My writing interests cover business law, criminal law, environmental law, property law, and health care law. I am conversant with academic writing formats and can articulate my thoughts into well-organized essays.

In addition, I offer services in creative thinking, reflective writing, book reviews, presentations or speeches, and proofreading. You can count on me for quality papers and assignments, and I will guarantee satisfactory results. I look forward to working with you.

Ethan Smith

Hello, my name is Ethan, and I'm a registered nurse and a writer. I have been practicing for five years and a writer for three years. I joined killer Papers because I love helping out with academic assignments.

For the three years I've worked with Killer Papers, I have delivered over 230 papers to satisfied clients. I specialize as a critical care nurse, attending to patients in critical care. Additionally, I can write papers in all writing formats.

The projects I've handled with Killer Papers are essay writing, personal statements, biology assignments, research papers, reports, and term papers. I handle every paper I do professionally, and I do not disappoint.

Jordan Parsons

Hi, I am an electrical engineer and a Cambridge University graduate. Besides my profession, I'm also a writer with Killer Papers, working with the company for four years. As an electrical engineer, my expertise lies in microsystems, network systems, computer networking, electro physics, and semiconductors. My writing skills also lie in my engineering field.

I am also conversant with APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard writing styles. I have written dissertations, research papers, math and physics assignments, research proposals, and reflective writing. Work from my clients is of uttermost importance and should be done correctly. It would be my pleasure to work with you on your project.

Lucy Mathews

My name is Lucy, and I am a research writer, analyst, and historian. I have been a writer for 17 years, having done some publications and journals. My degree in history and my passion for writing and helping were why I started working with Killer Papers.

I specialize in labor, economics, public policy, and cultural history. Besides my knowledge in history, I am well familiar with all the writing styles and can handle all types of writing formats. There's nothing more I'd love more than to help you out with your work and help you get that top grade.

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